Why do we offer monthly packages? Quite simply: In order to be able to assist our customers in an uncomplicated, competent and long-term manner even after the website has been created. Or which one of us wants to fight with server, e-mail or database problems? The risk of a cyber attack should also not be underestimated. Or what happens if the opening hours have to be updated again? In response to all these questions, we have put together various packages to meet your individual needs. You need individual advice? Click here to get to the contact form.

What do the packages contain?

Our monthly packages include at least:

  • Ongoing operation of the website on our rented power servers
  • Secure, fast and certified data centers in Germany
  • Thereby full technical support including
  • Highest flexibility (e.g. if your mailbox is full, just contact us)
  • SSL certificates pre-installed for increased trust and ranking
  • Ongoing updates of the PHP version for security and load time optimization
  • Backup of MySQL databases
  • FDP access for file transfer

Our goal:

To be able to react as uncomplicatedly and quickly as possible to change requests during the operation of the site.
The team of WebsiteStuttgart is known by its customers for being competent, simple and uncomplicated.
All it takes is a short text message on the smartphone so that changes can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

We offer the following packages


  • Keine Einrichtungskosten
  • Bis zu 2 Domains inklusive
  • Max. 250 E-Mail Postfächer
  • Max. 50 GB für alle Postfächer zusammen
  • Webspace bis zu 200GB
  • SSL Zertifikat inklusive
  • Sicherheitsrelevante Updates inklusive
  • Technischer Support inklusive

€ 14.95/Month

Premium 'All-in'

  • Keine Einrichtungskosten
  • 5 Domains inklusive
  • Unbegrenzte E-Mail Postfächer
  • Max. 200 GB für alle Postfächer zusammen
  • Webspace bis zu 300GB
  • SSL Zertifikat inklusive
  • Sicherheitsrelevante Updates inklusive
  • Technischer Support inklusive
  • Erweiterte Website-Pflege inklusive*
  • Sicherungskopien und Backups
  • 1 x Wordpress CMS Schulung inklusive
  • SEO Suchmaschinenoptimierung
  • Einrichtung Google My Business
  • Einrichtung Google Analytics

€ 49.95/Month

What is the basic difference between the second and third package?

What could a basicwebsite maintenance involve?

For example:

  • Adjustment of opening hours
  • Modification of a service description
  • Changing a picture



Basically it is a small effort to replace an already existing content. In case of such a change request the Web-Development Team has to be contacted. The change is usually implemented within 24 hours on weekdays and free of charge from the standard ‘carefree package’ onwards. With the ‘Carefree’ or ‘All-in’ package such changes can be ordered as often as you like.

*What could advancedwebsite maintenance involve?

For example:

  • Installation of a pop-up module
  • Setting up automated reply mails
  • Adding new sections to the website
  • Subsequent social media linking
  • Tips for a better Google SEO Ranking
  • Integration of Google Maps functionality

These can be customer requests that go beyond the simple adaptation of content. New content can be added. The customer could also order new plugin functionalities, such as installing a pop-up window that displays the most important news. The extended website maintenance contains all customer wishes that can be managed with manageable effort. However, extensions to the website that would correspond to a follow-up order are not represented here.